Pakistan Airforce gets CVLO Radar

November 23, 2019 Mark Frank 0

The defense analysts have identified a JY-27A counter-very-low-observable (CVLO) radar at Mianwali Air Base of Pakistan Air Force. In imagery from 29th August this year, […]

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Indian Layered Air Defense

November 21, 2019 Rachel Laurent 0

Fresh of the successful trials of the Army specific QRSAM Air Defense system, DRDO is preparing for developmental trials of the Next Generation version of […]

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The Silently Bleeding Valley, Kashmir!

October 17, 2019 MT Mehdi 0

Amidst immense diplomatic pressure clouded over India due to successful internationalization of Kashmir issue by Pakistan, India restored few thousand post-paid cellphone connections on Monday […]

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Project AZM of Pakistan Air Force

October 16, 2019 Rachel Laurent 11

Defence Updates- Pakistan/ Stealth Fighter Jet Program Project ‘Azm’ includes the design and development of multiple innovative aviation projects, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and the […]

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