Protests in Iraq

October 26, 2019 Rachel Laurent 1

Iraq is burning yet again. The protests which began in Iraq earlier this month initially demanding employment and better services have evolved into a chaotic […]

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Once allies, now at odds!

October 17, 2019 MT Mehdi 0

Operation Peace Spring: how several countries have switched sides with the start of Operation Peace Spring! Operation Peace Spring- UpdatesFurther to the write up at […]

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Operation Peace Spring

October 14, 2019 MT Mehdi 0

A decisive battle in the North-East Syria to create a safe/buffer zone for return of the displaced Syrians. The impending military operation by Turkish forces […]

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Palestine cause is not forgotten!

September 18, 2019 MT Mehdi 0

Arab youth still remembers Palestine! The fact that the Palestine issue still holds a rank on the ‘Arab Youth Survey’ says alot. According to the results […]

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