While the US Congress has enacted legislation to sanction China for non-existent abuses in Xinjiang and Hong Kong, not a pip has been heard from the US and EU on REAL internment camps in India to detain 1.9 million non-Hindus in its northeastern state of Assam. No international outcry and condemnation, much less the US Congress making laws to punish New Delhi on its shameful treatment of ethnic and religious minorities. And I should add, at the risk of being labeled anti-Semite, the empire not only turns a blind eye to the atrocities perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinians, the United States rewards the Israelis with huge aid and recognition of illegally-occupied territories in West Bank and the Golan Heights.

The Indian government stripped citizenship from 2 million people, mostly Muslims. Now it wants to put them in camps. 

An image of an internment camp under preparation for Muslims in North-East India; published earlier in BBC

What would you do if the country you were born in, or the country you’ve lived in for decades, suddenly announced you had to prove your citizenship or else face detention and deportation? In recent days these worries have morphed into angry protests and ensuing curfews and communication blockades across India. 

Modi’s first term also saw a rise in lynchings of Muslims over cows — sacred to many Hindus — and other hate crimes, activists say. Many Muslim-sounding towns and cities were re-named. But the citizenship law, which Modi insists is not anti-Muslim, has acted as the final straw. “It happened first with the Kashmir issue. At that time we kept quiet… Then came the (Ayodhya) verdict,” said Ayesha Renna, a Muslim woman who made headlines this week for protecting a fellow student from baton-wielding police in Delhi.

“Next they will be targeting the whole of India,” she told a TV channel. Professor Agha suggested opposition to the law would only grow. There were resistances in the past, but what is happening today on the streets is unprecedented in the history of modern India,” she told AFP.

Besides, since August 05, 2019 around a million Indian military men are present in the Kashmir valley, communication is suspended, foreign media or delegates are not allowed, Indian members of parliament are not allowed, more than 13,000 boys have been taken out in the darkest of nights from their houses and being transported to jails to far flung states, schools, shops, offices, hospitals are closed and it is the 140th day to this brutality.

However, nobody in the world is now silent about fascism and Nazism of this Indian regime anymore!

“It’s worse than being in jail. We have lost faith in Indian democracy”, says a local from a paradise turned jailed state!

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