New military trio- Dawn of the East!

Special forces form the Egyptian, Jordanian and Pakistani armies held “The Dawn of the East 1″ joint military drill, which was held in Pakistan from 1 to 8 November. Today marks the closing ceremony of the same in Pakistan.

The exercise’s first phase started with the arrival of special force units from the three countries to the National Counter Terrorism Authority’s (NACTA) headquarters in Pakistan. The chief of Pakistan’s special forces (SSG), Brigadier Momtaz Hussien, gave a welcome speech to the participant forces, stating that the exercise comes within the framework of developing military ties between the three armies to the level of partnership and exchange of expertise in the counterterrorism field.

The exercise involved training on inspecting, searching and confronting explosives as well as medical aid operations. Paratroopers from Egypt were also part of these joint exercises.

The name of the joint exercises reminds of a 1921 American silent film by the same name, “Dawn Of The East”, starring Alice Brady, in which a Russian Countess Natalya (Brady) is stranded in China, and is forced to dance in a public hall to support an invalid sister. She is lured into marriage to a Chinese man through political intrigue, but escapes as she believes the ceremony was not completed and goes to America, where she becomes engaged to an American diplomat. Her persecutors follow her, but she outwits them in a happy ending!

Let’s see what this new military trio of Pakistan-Egypt-Jordan holds for the future of regional security and peace.

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