Once allies, now at odds!

Operation Peace Spring: how several countries have switched sides with the start of Operation Peace Spring!

Operation Peace Spring- Updates
Further to the write up at below link and our preceding posts and videos, US administration have started putting sanctions on Turkey starting with a ban on their government/ ministers. Moreover, US Defence Secretary Mark Esper have spoken strongly against the Operation and has declared Turkey responsible for the damage done to the US-Turkey bilateral relations. He is also moving NATO to prepare a unified response including sanctions against Turkey. France and Germany have already suspended arms exports to Turkey in this regard.

So this is what is happening;

  1. Instead of supporting a NATO ally at war as bound by the relevant agreement, US and Europe are not only just standing-by but planning a sabotage against Turkey by putting various sanctions.
  2. US and NATO have been promising Turkey for years to help create a safe-zone i.e. a buffer zone jointly policed to help return the displaced Syrians & Kurds. Turkey is already home to 3.5 million Syrian refugees and wish to create a 30km safe zone jointly policed by Turkey and US to help return the displaced Syrians and keep a check on infiltration through its southern restive border of which 65% is controlled by Kurds and ISIS militant factions. Now when US and NATO didn’t do enough and continued to support the PKK/ YPG over there to the apprehensions of Turkey and when Turkey moved in their forces, they have abandoned Turkey.
  3. All the US, EU, NATO, Iran, Canada, Australia first label PKK as terrorists. Regroup them, train them, further arm them and rename them as YPG, and when Turkey (NATO ally) complains they further rename them as SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces- yes the pious ‘democracy’ word); now when Turkey moves in to secure its border and territorial integrity and give a safe passage to displaced Syrians and Kurds, no ally is helping it!
  4. On the other hand, the U.S. military has handed over positions in the northern Syrian city of Manbij to the Russian forces. Moscow, as a result of its support for Syrian troops and the recent Kurdish deal with Damascus, has thus effectively become a guarantor for the strategic city and potentially others located along the explosive Turkish-Syrian border. Through this step, the countries that were once allies appear to be at odds today in North Syria.

Classic dichotomy, as always, of the west! Infact if one just replace the word YPG with Taliban and Turkey with Pakistan, then it will squarely reflect all the story post 9/11 in South Asia!

A brief history and events timeline at:

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