Russia does not need another Aircraft Carrier!

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute estimated Russia to be the world’s sixth biggest defense spender in 2018, behind the US, China, Saudi Arabia, India, and France. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has been showered with money under the Trump administration, dwarfing other nations’ military budgets.

However, the Russian Defence Minister Mr. Shoigu says that, “The US may have a military budget that far exceeds that of Russia, but it doesn’t matter since the Russian military is there to defend the country, not attack other nations”. Russia’s military budget received a hike a few years ago for a massive rearmament program, but has been rolled back in recent years.

Shoigu says his fellow Russians have no reasons to worry, because their taxpayer rubles are well spent.

“We need the means we could use against the enemy’s carrier strike groups should our country come under attack. They are far less costly and more efficient. We only need the weapons to sink them with!” He added that the US doesn’t seem to be losing its appetite for ruining other nations, be it through military intervention or other means.

“Our Western colleagues love to accuse Russia of waging ‘hybrid wars’ or whatever. Well, I say [the] West is the one conducting actual hybrid warfare. The US now is about to leave Afghanistan in half-ruins and at the same time they work hard to stir things in Venezuela – all for the ‘triumph of democracy’ of course.”

“In which of the nations they went ‘to bring democracy’ did democracy flourish? Was that Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria?” Shoigu said. “And one certainly can forget about sovereignty and independence after American involvement.”

Currently Russia has just one aircraft carrier named Admiral Kuznetsov-class STOBAR, 55000 tonne, which was launched in 1985 as Tbilisi and renamed and is operational from 1995. A Shtorm-class aircraft carrier is under construction which will replace Admiral Kuznetsov. This carrier will be a hybrid of CATOBAR and STOBAR. 

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