Russian Navy Fast Attack Ship

Russia has modernized its Smerch Fast Attack Craft: Russian naval fleet in the Sea of Japan, successfully conducted first launch of the Kh-35 Uran anti-ship cruise missile from aboard the modernized Smerch (tornado) fast attack craft. The missile successfully destroyed a floating target at a distance of 50 kilometers.

Kh-35 Uran fired aboard modernized Smerch FAC

The Kh-35 (NATO reporting name:’Uranus’, SS-N-25 ‘Switchblade’) turbojet subsonic cruise anti-ship missile has been in service with the Russian Navy since 2003. The projectile is designed to hit vessels of up to 5,000 tons and can also be launched from helicopters and coastal defense installations with the use of a booster.

The launch followed firings of the AK-176MA 77mm automatic gun, and AK-670 30mm six-barrel artillery system, which were also installed on the corvette during the modernization.

The Smerch small missile ship was built in 1984 and required modernization, which began in early 2017. During this time, the vessel had its Malakhit missile system replaced with the modern Uran. It now carries 16 cruise missiles. The corvette’s other systems and machinery were also replaced with modern versions.

The fast attack ship is expected to rejoin Russia’s Pacific Fleet by the end of the year.

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