The Active Stealth Fighter Aircraft- Rafales!

The Dassault Rafale is a Twin-Engine Canard Delta Wing Multi-Role Fighter Jet made by France. It is designed to perform multiple missions including air supremacy, interdiction, aerial reconnaissance, ground support, deep strike, anti-ship strike and nuclear deterrence.

Advanced multirole Rafale

Rafale posses something very unique in 4+ gen fighters it has active stealth – i.e it doesnt posses stealth characteritics naturally like an F 22 or an F 35 but achieves stealth by other means it acquires stealth by radar cancellation . Rafale has rcs of 1.25m^2 for compariosn typhoon has rcs of 1m^2 and Su 35 has rcs of 2m^2 but when rafale uses its Spectra EW suite its rcs is said to become as low as 0.06m^2 for comparision rcs of F35 is o.o1m^2 and rcs of 0.06 is quite stealthier than official rcs of Russian Sukhoi T 50 ( 0.5 to 0.1m^2). 

It is capable of performing precision ground attacks using Scalp-EG long-range cruise missiles and AASM Hammer air-to-surface weapons. The aircraft could conduct nuclear strikes when armed with ASMP-A super-sonic cruise missiles. The MBDA Meteor beyond-visual-range missiles will greatly enhance its capability to engage aerial targets at long ranges. 

It is fitted with Thales RBE-2 AESA radar system, Thales Spectra electronic warfare system and Thales / SAGEM OSF infrared search and track system.

Rafale is capabale of flying fast, long and its highly manuverable and its radar is designed to operate in high electronic attack environment, it packs good weapons when it comes to air to air missiles like meteor and MICA which are both superior than Sukhoi 35’s air to air missiles. And when it comes to air to ground mission rafale is superior to Eurofighter. Rafale has excellent low speed and low altitude handling capabilites than typhoon, one of the main reasons for this is closed coupled canard and lower swept wings compared to typhoon. If an Airforce would want something much cheaper for multirole mission then our choice would be Sukhoi 35. Electronic Jamming capabilities of Sukhoi 35 is so good that an F22 would have to shot multiple missile at sukhoi 35 and yet achieved nil kill and it is supermanuverable .

The jet made its demo flight in 1986 and entered service in 2001. As many as 175 aircrafts have been produced till September 2019.  France, Egypt, Qatar and India are the current operators of the aircraft. 

Did you know: The advance airframe and air intakes of the Dassault Rafale allow the aircraft to carry almost 2.5 times more than its own empty weight! Secondly, Rafale’s infrared signature is less than that of its competitor due to it’s two channel engine cooling, a blast of cool air bypasses from fan of jet engine to around the engine exhaust which makes it difficult to lock on with infrared missiles a the cooler air shields hot exhaust to some extent, thus preventing higher infrared emissions. 

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