Turkey complicates the Syrian conflict yet again!

Turkey is ready to launch military operation on ground and from air, East of Euphrates in Syria!

The Turkish leader said “Patrols with the US are useless. We were patient but you are not honest. We will be strategic partners but you will send YPG 30,000 trucks of weapons. We warned you. No one can blame us for starting an offensive.” He further called the prospects of establishing a joint US-Turkey safe zone “a fairytale.”

Turkish army has moved military equipment to Akçakale at the Syrian border last night. Ankara and Washington agreed earlier in August to create a safe area in northern Syria and establish a ‘peace corridor’ to facilitate the return of displaced Syrians. But actual progress has been slow on the ground as the US insisted on protecting and supporting its Kurdish allies in the zone, which Turkey considers terrorists. Turkey said it wants to settle up to 2 million Syrian refugees in the zone, and has repeatedly warned of unilateral military action if it is not satisfied with progress. 

Observing the Turkish Military build up, YPG has threatened an all out war. The Free Syrian Army forces have pledged this weekend to back a potential cross-border offensive that Ankara has threatened to mount against YPG in northeast Syria. On the other hand Turkish-backed Syrian National Army has also spoken in favor as: “14,000 Syrian fighters are ready to attack YPG. The operation is imminent.”

US has warned Turkey that it could pull all American troops out of Syria if Ankara launches threatened invasion in NE Syria against US-backed Kurdish fighters who were instrumental in defeating ISIS. Turkey says it’s posturing. 

Historically, Turkey has switched sides in this conflict more than once and has been allies to rebels and Assad both. Turkey has been waging a low-intensity campaign against Kurdish insurgency on its own soil for four decades. Back in 2016, Turkish forces intervened into Syrian civil war, targeting the US-backed Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the northern part of the country. They had made steadfast advances but stopped short of crossing Euphrates River.

Turkish officials have alleged the Americans are not doing enough to actually establish the zone, which could house numerous Syrians who fled the war since 2011. In September, Erdogan suggested that Washington was after “a safe zone in northern Syria not for Turkey but for the terrorist group.” 

Note: With Turkey launching an offensive against YPG in Northern Syria it’s time for US to revisit the policy in Syria. Difficult situation for Trump he is under pressure for not going hard against Iran but will US now risk to go into any military confrontation with an NATO ally ‘Turkey’?


  1. “Turkey has switched sides in this conflict more than once and has been allies to rebels and Assad both.” Can you plz ellaborate the above statement since when turkey had been allies with assad? And your title for the article is colored with fallacy portraying turkey as the only culprit of this mess in region. İ think we should revisit the language and rationale we are using. Allah o aalam

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